Exporting Invoices from Vic.ai

For companies that are not connected via API, data is exported.

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If your account is not directly connected via API to your connected system, the export feature is available.

As an accountant on the Invoices page, Exporting invoices will provide you with a file (usually CSV but it may vary):

  • From the Invoices tab, select the invoice(s) for export.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut “Alt + E” or click the “Export” action button.

  • The confirmation window will appear. Click “Export Invoices” and your file will generally download to your web browser. You can then upload the file to your ERP.

Note, for certain integrations, an exported file may not download to your web browser but instead will eventually be added to your connected system.

Please note: Exporting invoices removes the invoice from being processed in Vic.ai. Once an Export action is taken, the invoice is closed to further processing or action, as Exporting is a final state action.

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