Adding & Editing Data

Select between predictions and modify values

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To edit or add data to a selected invoice, use your keyboard shortcuts or mouse to enter into a field. Hitting Enter twice is most effective for entering a field. From there, you can cycle between predictions, modify the existing value, or enter a brand new one.

As you cycle through predictions, will shift the invoice image to show you where a prediction is coming from on the document.

There may be dropdown fields such as dates, vendor, invoice number, payment terms, and currency that you can utilize.

Locked Cells

There are a number of reasons where a cell is not editable. If that occurs, when selected, a cell will have a lock icon on the right side. This means you can no longer see the original predictions or modify the values.

On hover, you'll see exactly why a cell can't be edited. Some reasons a cell is locked may include:

  • Final State: If an invoice has been Posted or Exported, it can not be modified

  • Approval Settings: Configuration settings are set to "Disallow editing while undergoing approval" or "Disallow editing of approved invoices"

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