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Updated over a week ago allows you to define approvers and attach a note, as well as see the status and notes of the approval flow in The approval flow is remembered on a per-vendor basis based upon the last posted invoice. There are two ways to set approvers.


Option #1: Define Approvers in

Navigate to the column and press "ENTER" on your keyboard, which will open up the Approval flow modal.

Here you can do two things.

  1. Write a note to the Approvers

  2. Define the Approver workflow

Select the approver(s) and approval group(s), and if you wish to clear the current flow, click the "clear" button.

Please note: if there is a conflict with the set approvers and rules, will not add additional approval layers.

Option #2: Define No Approvers

You can choose to post a bill with no approvers defined.
In this case, workflows and logic will apply once the bill is posted to

Please note, if has approval requirements that are not met by a bill posted from, the system appears to choose the last set of approvers used. In this occurrence, a third party system behavior, please contact for support.

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