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Updating Permissions to Sync with
Updating Permissions to Sync with

How to update user permissions to sync with

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Creating a User

When first setting up your accounting firm with, you will be prompted to create a new user within (*make sure this is done on the console level).

Once this user has been created there are specific permissions that need to be turned on in order to sync properly with our platform.

If these permissions are not updated, posting from to will fail.

Best practice is to clone and create a custom role based on the existing Accountant role and update to match the permissions in the below screenshots. Please remember, the standard account role does not allow 'view' permissions on Approvers - if we can't view approvers, we can't display the approver in

Steps to Create the User

  1. Log into

  2. If in the new UI (blue side bar) Click on Settings, or in the old UI, hover over the gear icon and select Settings

  3. Click on 'Roles' under Permissions

  4. Click on Accountant

  5. Click on Details and select Clone.

Role permissions

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