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Unposting Rejected bills from
Unposting Rejected bills from

Allow for editing of a rejected bill within before reposting

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Updated over a week ago has a setting that allows for the un-posting of rejected bills from, in order to allow you to edit and post the bill again without having to change systems.

Via our integration, we sync updates from the approval process within, including notes. If a bill is rejected and this feature is enabled, then the bill will become unposted within

You can see rejected invoices within your normal view of "open invoices." If you see a rejected notice - the "x" icon - you can enter the approval window within to see notes as to why it was rejected.

Rejected bills in Approval History and Notes

Reprocessing Guidelines

First, any edits made within are not synced back to As a best practice, edits should only be made within, and we highly recommend that you communicate to colleagues or clients that no changes to the invoice should be made in to create a single source of truth for invoice edits.

When processing a rejected bill, please note, the following can not be changed:

1. Document Type (such as bill or vendor credit)

2. Invoice Image - No changes to the invoice image (no rotation, split, or merge allowed)

3. approver sequence

Lastly, if a rejected bill needs to be deleted, deleting the invoice within will not affect the rejected bill in

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