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FAQ: You have Questions, has Answers
FAQ: You have Questions, has Answers

Answers to our most common questions

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How do I bring up the keyboard shortcut menu?

To access the keyboard shortcuts menu, press the ‘?’ because you "have questions". A prompt will appear with a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

What do I do about Utility/Recurring Bills without an invoice number?

For invoices that do not have an invoice date listed, you should instead use the invoice date as the invoice number, specifically in the format of "mmddyyyy". This is also the format that predicts when the AI doesn't detect an invoice number.

E.g. "July 4, 2021" would be "07042021"

If there are several invoices for the same date and vendor, add an increment to the end of the invoice number like "07042021-1" , "07042021-2" and so on.

How can I look up an approved invoice for a specific company?

Use our Views functionality to select Approved invoices, with the desired Sort and any other filter options, and save it as a Custom View for future reference!

Is there any way to retrieve invoices that have been deleted?

Once deleted, there is currently no way for a user to retrieve the invoice via the user interface. Alternatively, can retrieve them for you if you do not have the original file. In this case, please reach out to Customer Support via in-app chat and we will be happy to assist you with this!

Can I search for deleted Vendor/GL accounts/Dimensions?

Yes, you can search for deleted master data. It will show historical invoices with this coding, even when those options are no longer selectable for current invoices.

What does "Invoice contains values that have been deleted in your connected system, for _____" mean?

If a value, including but not limited to Vendor, GL Account, or Dimension, has been deleted in a connected system, that will find its way into in the next sync. You will then be blocked from taking any of the following actions until the value has been updated:

  • Post

  • Export

  • Begin an Approval Process

What does the transferred icon mean? 

The transferred icon means that your bill has been sent to your connected payables system/accounting system inbox without creating a bill object or a journal entry.

Typically transferring is used to send a document to your connected system that isn't a bill, and it should be attached to an existing bill or a document that you would like to file.

What is the Attachments tab?

The attachments tab displays all attachments sent into the system. Upon clicking into the 'Attachments' tab, you'll land on the attachments with errors page, allowing the user to view anything that may need to be downloaded and re-uploaded as well as deleting unneeded attachments.  

I received an email with an invoice from our client. How can I get it to

To send the invoice to, forward it to the unique email address that appears after clicking the green action button, then "Upload".

We highly encourage all emails to be sent to this email address as this is the fastest and most reliable method to ingest invoices!

Additionally, you have the ability to upload a document directly into using the "Browse" button or by dropping files into the box.

Is there a way to add supporting documents to an existing bill? 

To add a supporting document to an existing bill, upload the document into Upon upload, select the attachment and the correlating bill. Once both are selected, toggle to the bottom left of the screen to the 'More Actions' button and select 'Merge'. The AI will then reprocess the merged document as if it were a single invoice.

How can I sort/search for all bills from a specific vendor? 

Learn how to do this in our Vendor Information Card, which details the "View Recent Invoices" one-click functionality.

How do we recognize a credit invoice?

Credit invoices are recognized as Credits within They will be abbreviated as 'Credit'. 

If you have uploaded a vendor credit into, and note that it has been uploaded as an 'Invoice', you can switch the document type in the Type column.

How do I insert/delete a line item? 

The quickest way to insert a line item is the "i" key, or alternatively, you may click the "add line item" button below the bottom line item.
The quickest way to delete a line item is the "d" key, or alternatively, use the trash can at the far right of each line item.

To do this, you can toggle to the far right of the line item and locate the red trash can. Upon clicking the red trash can, a prompt will appear asking to confirm the deletion of this line item. Alternatively, you can hit the 'd' key on the keyboard.

Note: By default, only GROUP lines are posted to your payment system/accounting system, not the individual line items. This is configured on a client by client basis. If you would like to change this setting, please reach out to Customer Support via Chat. 

How often does sync with the Accounting System?

We sync vendors, GL accounts, approvers, and dimensions automatically once a day. Additionally, you can press the 'Sync' button at the top right corner, to trigger an immediate refresh of that data if your integration supports on-demand syncs.

How does handle IBAN?

IBAN is short for International Bank Account Number.

IBAN is an internationally recognized method for identifying an individual foreign bank account in order to make a transfer -- such as paying a vendor. supports IBAN predictions, to learn more please read the full IBAN article.

How can I add a client to

We are more than happy to get additional clients up and running on 

Please fill out this onboarding form to initiate the new client onboarding process. Please note that the form is used on a per client basis. For example, if you would like to onboard two clients, you will need to complete two separate forms. 

Upon submission, a team-member will reach out with next steps as soon as we receive your information. 

Alternatively, you can also email to request new clients be onboarded or reach out to Customer Support via Chat.

Why is the invoice date converting to the GL date when posting to

This is a setting that is configured on a per client basis. If this is something that you would like turned off, please reach out to Customer Support via Chat, and we will be happy to assist you!

Unsupported Characters

Some characters are not supported by all Connected Systems. Special characters that are likely to have these issues include the following, and not all Connected Systems provide good error messaging. So if there are troubles posting with these values, try removing them and reposting:

  • '

  • /

  • \

  • `

  • ~

How do I edit an Approved Invoice?

It is possible to edit an invoice after it has been approved, but in order to do so, you will first need to have "Enable editing of approved invoices" enabled within the Configuration settings.

  • Start by going to the Admin tab. Note: only users that are company admins or organization admins can access this page.

  • Click on Configuration to access company-level settings.

  • Ensure the checkbox is selected for "Enable editing of approved invoices"

How do I cancel an Approved Invoice?

Currently, a fully approved invoice cannot be cancelled. If changes need to be made or if you need to redo the approval process, you would need to:

  • Delete the existing invoice.

  • Upload the invoice again to start with a blank slate.

Why am I missing invoices after receiving a email notification stating they are ready for approval?

If you share the same approval step with another approver, it's likely the other user 'beat you to it' and has already approved the invoice. At the start of an approval process, a notification is sent to both users. Once the invoice has been approved by either of the assigned approvers, it will then be removed from the Approval tab for all of the assigned approvers.

How do I change the approver of an invoice if it has already been sent?

If you have mistakenly sent out an invoice to the wrong approver, you can easily reassign the invoice to a different approver or unassign the invoice completely. Learn how to do this in our Approving & Rejecting Invoices article. Approval Functionality

How do I know if have Approvals within

Approvals are configured on a per client basis. If you are unsure if you requested approval configuration, you can check by going into the 'Invoice' tab. Once in the 'Invoice' tab, navigate to the top row of account classifications/dimensions. If approvals have been enabled for your client, typically, the 'Approval' column will be the third from the left. If you do not see the 'Approval' column on the main header, and you would like to configure approvals for your client, reach out to Customer Support via in-app Chat to get that setup.

Another user is in an invoice, what is an Edit Lock?

In order to prevent double processing or conflicting changes, when a user enters an invoice or selects it for certain actions, an Edit Lock is created. This prevents anyone else from taking actions until they have completed their work.

To remove an edit lock, exit an invoice by using the keyboard shortcut 'ESC' or click the carrot to collapse an invoice. If a user neglects to exit an invoice, will automatically remove the edit lock after 15 minutes of idle user time.

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