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We support different learning styles as you onboard to, whether a self-guided course of videos and help articles, or utilizing the built-in Product Tours that will appear in the app. Below is our full list of videos that are excellent learning or reference material.

Logging in and out of

How to log in and out of

Invoice Ingestion

How to upload or email documents into

Intro to Invoice Processing with

High-level overview of Invoice Processing.

Views: Sort and Filter Options

How to pinpoint precisely the invoices you want to see using Sort and Filter options.

Duplicate Detection

How to spot and remediate duplicate documents.

Action Button Walkthrough

Learn how to utilize the action buttons to take further actions, such as approving or posting.

Split Tool

How to separate a single document into multiple invoices.

Advanced Invoice Processing

Advanced platform features that support invoice processing.

Approvals For Accountants

How to interact with Approvals as an Accountant.

Approvals for Approvers

How to interact with Approvals as an Approver.

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