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Line Items, GL Accounts, & Dimensions
Line Items, GL Accounts, & Dimensions

Everything you need to know about how to train the AI on your unique coding.

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One of the most complex parts of learning is interacting with line item data.

The way that the AI extracts line items, as well as how to interact with the Gl accounts and dimensions on them is explained below.

Groupings & Line Items

Groupings are a collection of line items that all share the same coding for GL accounts and any dimensions. A grouping can consist of one or many line items.

There can be multiple groupings per invoice

Groupings post to the connected system, not the individual line items.

If you edit coding at the grouping level, changes will cascade to all line items underneath the grouping.

To update the GL account or dimension, choose the correct value from the dropdown list. As you type numbers or letters, the options shown to you will narrow down!

AI Prediction of Line Items

This is the most complicated calculation performed by the AI. It will predict the total amount of an invoice, as well as all of the potential line items. The AI then attempts to make combinations of the line items that sum up to the predicted total amount.

The predicted line items are difficult for invoices with excess data that look:

  1. Look like line items

  2. Have repeating subtotal and total lines.

Common offenders are utility and telecom bills. Patience while the AI learns from numerous examples will be rewarded!

Insert and Delete line items:

This should be used sparingly, and only if the predicted amount and line items are incorrect.

  • Insert a line item: Use the keyboard shortcut letter “i” or click on the plus sign.

  • Delete a line item: Use the keyboard shortcut letter “d” or click the red “X.”

Inserting a line item will copy the coding of the selected line item

AI Learning: Splits

One of the defining features of is that the AI will learn how your company codes their books to your unique Chart of Accounts and Dimensions.

To facilitate this, update the coding for groupings, or even individual line items. Doing this repeatedly reinforces the learnings for the AI, and it will begin to shift the predictions and confidence scores for the predicted line items.

If you're looking to perform Splits within by splitting an existing line item, the AI won't learn this as the information does not reside on the Invoice document. Instead, hopefully your connected system supports Allocations, and the split can be performed within that connected system.

What text-only fields posts to a connected system?

Generally, the “Bill Description” at the header level and the “Item Description” at the line item level will feed over to your connected system.

The scanned “Item Text (On Invoice)” does not feed into the connected system.

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