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If you have approver rights for a Company you will see the Approval tab at the top of your screen. This article describes actions you can take on Invoices listed in the Approval tab.

Approval History

To see the initiator, previous approval steps, upcoming approval steps, as well as any comments open the Approval Side Drawer for an invoice via any of the following methods:

  • Pressing "Shift + 'd' "

  • Clicking the orange tab near the top left of the screen

  • Clicking enter in the Approval column

  • Double-clicking with your mouse in the Approval column

Approving / Rejecting An invoice

  1. Navigate to the Approval Tab .

  2. Select one or multiple invoices - the 'spacebar' will select your current invoice or use the mouse to tick the checkbox on the far left.

  3. Click the 'Approve' or 'Reject' button that appears where the column headers were. You may include a comment, which may be required if Rejecting invoice(s).

NOTE: It is currently not possible to cancel an approved invoice once it has been fully approved by it's assigned user(s).

When you reject an invoice, the colleague who initiated the Approval process as well as anyone who approved on a previous step will receive an email notification with the invoice summary and the rejection comment if present.

Reassign & Unassign

You can remove yourself from an approval process by either reassigning or unassigning an invoice from your approval queue.

Reassigning an invoice, allows you to transfer responsibility to a different approver in your organization that is not already on that step.

Unassigning an invoice, removes you from the approval step completely. Please note, you cannot be the only approver on the approval step.

To begin:

  1. Select an Invoice for reassigning or unassigning, navigate to the Approval Side Drawer by hitting "Shift + D" on your keyboard, as described here.

  2. Select the Approval tab.

  3. Next to your name and email login for, click on the three dots to make the Reassign and Unassign options appear.

Reassign an Invoice

Reassigning an invoice allows you to transfer responsibility to any other approver not already on that step.

  1. Select Reassign from the menu.

  2. Search and Fill in the New Approver's Name

  3. Click Reassign

  4. Your name is removed from the approval queue and replaced with the new approver selected. Clicking the i - icon will display an audit log of the reassignment.

Unassign an Invoice

  1. Select Unassign from the menu

  2. Click Unassign

  3. You are then removed from the approval step.

  4. Please note: clicking the i - icon will display an audit log of the removal.

AutoPost & AutoExport

To learn more about this time-saving feature, please visit the article here.

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