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How to post invoices into your connected system

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As an Accountant on the Invoices page, posting is usually the end-goal for Accounts Payable processing. Once invoices have been uploaded, reviewed and approved, they are ready to be posted into your connected system.

Note: This feature is only available to clients whose accounts are connected to an integrated system via API (like Sage Intacct, QBO, or among others). If you are not set up to post invoices, continue to the Exporting Invoices article to learn what to do once you have processed your invoices.

To post invoices:

  • Select the invoice(s) you wish to post.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut “Alt + P” or click the "Post" action button.

  • The confirmation window will appear. Click “Post Invoices” to confirm your selection. This will initiate the invoice posting and return you to the “Invoices” tab

Post Status Icons

With asynchronous posting, processes your invoices in the background while you continue to work. Color-coded statuses allow you to quickly see posting progress at a glance.

  • Posting in progress: The status icon is grey, with a revolving outline.

    • Your invoice is currently being posted.

  • Posted: The status icon is blue.

    • Your invoice successfully posted to your connected system.

  • Partially posted: The status icon is yellow.

    • This generally means that data coding was transmitted, but the document may not have. Enter into the status field for more information.

  • Posting Error: The status icon is red.

    • The invoice was not posted to the connected system. Enter into the status field for more information to rectify before posting again.

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