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Mobile App: Approvals
Mobile App: Approvals

Leverage the mobile app for fast, efficient, and effective approvals!

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The main page of the Approvals screen, here you will see all invoices for the company selected that await your approval.
Note: Approver access is required to access this part of the app.

Actions On Page:

  • Scroll down: See more bills

  • Right-swipe a bill: Approve a bill

  • Left-swipe a bill: Reject a bill

  • Drag down: Refresh bills awaiting your approval for a client

  • Tap Bill: Learn more and go to the Approval Context page for the bill selected

  • Long Press on a bill: Reassign / Unassign your approval responsibility for this specific bill.

  • Tap View: Select between a default or custom View, click 'Change Controls' to further define the Invoices you're viewing

Approval Context

Find more information about this bill, compare it to previous bills from this vendor, and see the approval history.

Actions On Page:

  • Tap Details: Visit the Approval Details page and make changes to the bill itself

  • Tap Compare Documents: Visit Compare Documents page for the two bills

  • Left & Right-swipe: Navigate other bills from this vendor and the approval history

  • Reject / Approve Bill: Buttons at bottom of screen

Bill Coding

Previous Bills from Vendor

Approval History

Compare Documents

Here you'll see the bill you're approving on top, and the bill you're comparing it to on the bottom.

Actions On Page:

  • Left & Right swipe: Navigate between different pages of a bill

  • Pinch In & Out: Zoom in/out on a bill

Approval Details

See and update coding in detail for this bill, as well as adding new line items.

Actions On Page:

  • Drag Invoice Slider: Adjust size of invoice image

  • Update Bill Coding: Tap on a field to update data

  • Add Line Item: Add brand new information to a bill

  • Reject / Approve Bill: Buttons at bottom of screen


Switch from viewing invoices ready for your approval to all invoices that include you in a current, upcoming, or completed approval step.

Default & Custom Views

Further refine the invoices you're seeing by changing the Sort options by tapping 'Change Controls'.

Sort and Filter Options

Filter Options

Make sure to switch between the three types of data you can filter by, which are Status, Invoice, and Line Item.

When done, tap the left arrow to apply the different options selected.

Approvals: App Notifications

You can receive a push notification on your phone for every invoice awaiting your approval.

These summaries include the:

  • Amount

  • Currency

  • Vendor

  • Company

  • Due Date

Enabling Notifications

When logging into the app for the first time, you'll be prompted to allow Notifications for the application. If you skip the step at this time, you'll need to enter your phone's permissions to allow notification for the app.

Pro-tip: Alternatively, if you can't find these settings in your phone, you can uninstall and then reinstall the application to trigger the prompt again.

If you wish to disable the app notification, you can visit your Profile page, and toggle the App Notification Per Invoice section.

When App Notification Per Invoice is ON: A push notification is sent to you whenever an invoice going through the approval process awaits your review.


For iOS users, you’ll also see a handy badge count on the app, indicating how many Approvals are waiting for you!

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