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How to properly utilize the CSV Upload Functionality

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For Organization Admins, we support a variety of user management functions via CSV Upload.

Supported functionality:

  • Add new Users

  • Add Companies to an Existing User

  • Edit Rights for an Existing User

What you can't do is Delete a user via CSV. We make you delete a user via the User tab, to protect against mistakes!

Instructions for CSV Uploads and how to modify the file will be found on the upload instructions page. To upload a CSV, select CSV Upload as seen below.

Add New User

To add a new user, follow these steps:

  • Download a fresh CSV of your User population

  • Add information to the following columns

    1. Name (column A)

      1. Name of the User

      2. Example: John Doe

    2. Email (column B)

      1. Email address of the User

    3. Company (column F)

      1. Exact Company name as spelled in Tip: copy the name from an existing user!

      2. Example: Apple

    4. Type (column G)

      1. "accountant" or "client"

    5. Level (column H)

      1. Blank, "admin", "approver", or "admin,approver"

Protip: To add multiple companies to a new user, follow the steps described below for "Add Companies to Existing User"

Add Companies to Existing User

To add additional companies to a new user, add additional rows underneath their name in the CSV upload. Leave the Name and Email column blank, like in the example below that the arrows point to.

John Doe will be added to four companies, while Jane will be added to two.

Edit Rights for Existing User

To edit the rights for existing users, make modifications to the Type or Level column and upload the CSV.

  • Type (column G)

    • "accountant" or "client"

  • Level (column H)

    • Blank, "admin", "approver", or "admin,approver"

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