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AI Predictions for Amount

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Predicted Total Amount is an optional header field that is used to show the AI's predicted Amounts. It does not write to your ERP.

When enabled, it allows you to freely make edits to line item amounts and not lose track of the original amount of your invoice!

Enabling/Disabling Predicted Total Amount

An Organization or Company Admin can add/remove the Predicted Total Amount field from the Configuration page. It can be found under the Invoice Fields segment.

Note: The field should be both Editable and Required, and we highly recommend placing it next to the Total Amount field.

Matching Mechanics

If Predicted Total Amount and Total Amount are mismatched, the following actions are blocked:

  • Starting an Approval Process

  • Approving an Approval step

  • Posting an Invoice

  • Exporting an Invoice

You will know the mismatch in two ways.

  1. The Predicted Total Amount Field has a red Alert outline

  2. The Status column shows an error, on hover you'll see that "Predicted total does not match total"

To fix this, you can adjust either the Predicted Total Amount or Total Amount until they are equal.

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