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Payments: Bill Pay
Payments: Bill Pay

Everything Payment Initiators need to know about the Bill Pay tab

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Welcome to the guide for everything that Payment Initiators need to know about putting together Payment Batches via Payments on the Bill Pay tab.

Payments Grid

The Payments Grid has a number of fields, which are explained below.

Status Column

Payment Status

  • Unpaid: Bill has not been paid

  • Partially Paid: A portion of the bill has been paid

  • Rejected: The bill was included in a payment batch that was rejected.

    • Enter into this status, and acknowledge the rejection to reset the status to Unpaid

  • Voided: The payment batch was originally approved, but then voided.

    • You will need to enter into this status to reset the status to Unpaid

To see what status an icon represents, hover over it with your cursor for more information! Clicking into it may also bring up more interaction options.

Marking as Paid

For Unpaid and Partially Paid payment status, you can enter into the Payment Status and manually mark the bill as paid. This is denoted by the orange asterisk and will show that you marked the bill as manually paid.

Approval Status

This shows the approval status from the Invoice tab, clicking into it will show the approval log from Invoices. This is not connected in any way, shape or form with the Payment Approval process.

To learn more about the Invoice Approval Statuses, please reference this article.

View Invoice

  • Click the icon to open up the invoice viewer

    • Alternatively, clicking "Shift + I" also opens or closes the invoice viewer


If the vendor has a Payment Term with a discount, it will appear in this field in a purple to blue color.

Discount Window

If using Payment Terms functionality, the applicable early payment discount window will appear here! You'll see the overdue or remaining days after the Due Date. will default to paying the discounted value if within the discount window, but the user can choose to pay the Bill Total or other amount at their discretion.


Default Views:

  • Open Bills: Open bills are unpaid or partially paid. They all have a positive balance that requires payment.

  • Closed Bills: Closed bills are pending or have been paid and successfully and moved to your connected system.

Sort Options

  • Due Date

  • Bill Total

  • Inserted At

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Number

  • Vendor

Filter Options


  • Open Bills

    • Unpaid

    • Partially Paid

    • Rejected

    • Voided

  • Closed Bills

    • Pending

    • Paid

Bill Data

  • Vendor

  • Due Date

  • Invoice Number Contains

  • Bill ID

Audit Log

Approval Log

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