Planning the exact start and end dates of your volunteer trip can be quite challenging. There are several aspects to take into account like, available volunteer spots, fixed starting dates, flight times, or getting the time off from work. 

For this reason, it is not uncommon that you may want or need to change the dates of your volunteering trip after you have already started your application. Here is what you need to do to change your application: 

Before paying the deposit

The exact dates are often discussed in the early state of the application. When you start your initial application, you need to select the start and end date of your trip. The project coordinators will check if these dates are available and confirm them or suggest alternative dates. Don't worry - you will be able to agree on dates that work for both parties! 

To change the dates at this point, the project coordinator will simply need to change their offer. This can be done very easily in our system and the fees will be adapted accordingly. Be sure to ask the project coordinator to change the dates in the system before you proceed with your application. 

After the application has been finalized

Once you have paid the deposit, the dates of your volunteering journey can nolonger be changed in our system. Please get in touch with the project coordinator and our Volunteer World support team to inform us about your changes.

If the length of your stay remains the same and you only need to reschedule the starting date, please discuss this with the project coordinator. If he/she agrees, you can change the dates in your calendar without starting a new application. 

In case you decide to stay on the project longer, you will need to start a second application for the additional weeks. To do so, simply apply to the program as you’ve done before and select the new start and end date. 

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