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How do applications work
What is the process of my application?
What is the process of my application?

Read this guide to gain a deeper understanding on how Volunteer World's application system works.

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We know that our application system might seem difficult at first, but it isn't complicated at all. In fact, we have created an easy-to-use technical infrastructure with which you can quickly find your dream volunteer program.

Browse on our platform and have a look to which social project you would like to dedicate your time to! You can choose where to volunteer and which cause you would like to support.

Found your dream program? Go ahead and submit your application.

1. Apply for a volunteer program

On your chosen volunteer program page, you will find the “Reserve” button at the top right. Select your desired start and end dates and fill in all necessary details in the next steps.

Don't forget to mention your hopes, goals, and wishes for your volunteer journey. Please make sure to state the reasons why you want to volunteer and what you aim to achieve whilst volunteering.

Your application will usually be reviewed within seven working days. If you don't hear back from them, feel free to contact our team via email or chat.

Note: make sure you have filled in all the fields in the form to ensure that your application can be sent.

2. Receive an invitation

Based on your application details the social project will decide whether you fit their volunteer program.

At this point of your application, you will also be able to discuss the exact start and end dates with the project coordinator.

If you are accepted, the social project will send you an official invitation, including your duration and program fees.

3/4. Reserve your spot/Payments

After receiving an invitation from the social project, you need to pay the deposit in order to reserve your spot. The remaining program fees will then have to be paid in consultation with the social project.

The application process has now been finalized on Volunteer World, but please keep in mind that you still need to pay the remaining fees to the social project.

During the whole application process, you are welcome to send messages to the social project or make use of our Live Chat in case you have any questions or concerns.

Get Ready!

Prepare your volunteer journey! Now it's time to start arranging your visa, flights and to sort out your travel insurance.

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