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Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Discover why you as a volunteer need to pay a deposit.

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Transparency is a vital component of today's international volunteer community. This is why we created the following article to inform you in more detail about the deposit.

After you have received an offer from your volunteer organization and accepted it, you have to pay the deposit (which is usually approximately 18% of the volunteer program fee). The deposit exists in order to reserve your spot at the social project.

Volunteer World is a search and booking platform for humanitarian mission programs. By offering their programs and promoting their activities, our role is to actively support our partner organizations by helping them to find volunteers, accompanying them in this process, and acting as a mediator. We offer them our marketing and communication services, as well as the use of our application and booking system to facilitate the whole process. In exchange for all our support, the organizations pay us a commission on each booking.

To facilitate the payment and booking process, this commission is directly deducted from the total program fee indicated on the program page and acts as a deposit paid by the volunteer to confirm their booking. This deposit already includes any service charges that may be incurred.

Payment of the remaining amount will be arranged by the host organization.

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