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Volunteer World's goal to offer you best experience can be divided into 3 pillars:

  1. we follow high ethical guidelines for humanitarian projects and animal welfare

  2. we guarantee you a high quality of our partner organizations

  3. we guarantee the best price

This is why all of our partner organizations have committed themselves to not charge higher fees for their programs on Volunteer World compared to their own websites. You will always find the same price on Volunteer World as the homepage of our partner organizations.

If, in the unlikely event, you do come across an organization where this isn’t the case, feel free to contact our live chat or point it out to your project coordinator during the application process. Your volunteer organization will adjust your offer on Volunteer World to give you the best price.

What does the Best Price Guarantee include?

Because we have received some questions about the Best Price Guarantee in the past, here is a summary of which price is decisive. The price guarantee can only be claimed if the volunteer program

  • covers the same services (eg. same accommodation, equipment)

  • has the same check-in and check-out dates

  • is offered in the same currency

The decisive factor is always the total price. Some of our partners' websites can have different fees (e.g. program fee, processing fee, payment fee). As transparency is one of our goals, we always show you the total price on Volunteer World.

The price discrepancy also has to be noticed during the application process. 

Please note that the Best Price Guarantee does not apply if the organization lowers its fees (due to e.g exchange rate fluctuations or discounts) after you have made your reservation and have paid the deposit. 

Why should you apply through Volunteer World?

In addition to the best price, Volunteer World offers you more free benefits and security:

Do you still have questions? Our live chat will be happy to answer them :)

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