We know that our application system might seem difficult at first, but it isn't complicated at all. In fact, we have created an easy-to-use technical infrastructure. You can add all your volunteer programs to our platform within a few easy steps and receive new applications in no time.

Read through these steps to discover more.

After you have successfully registered your organization on our platform, you can start to create your own social project

Once you have filled in all necessary information, you can continue by adding your first volunteer program

Before your volunteer program is published on our platform, you need to request publication for it. Our community managers will then review your volunteer program.

As soon as your volunteer program has been approved, it will be published on our platform. The volunteers will then be able to see and to apply to it.

1. Receive a new application

You can review applications in the "Applications" tab of your account. All applications include the following details. 

  • Personal information (photo, name, age, gender, nationality, profession etc.)

  • Message function to communicate with the volunteer

  • Overview of the desired duration and program fees

  • Upload area where you and the volunteer can upload documents such as application forms or CVs

You will be automatically notified via email when you receive applications.

If you would like to ask the volunteer questions or if some information are missing, you can easily get in touch with the volunteer by using the private message function in the application overview. Just click on "Contact Volunteer" and you can send your message. In case you need to exchange documents you can use the upload function in the application overview.

2. Make an offer to the volunteer

Based on the volunteer details which you can see in the application overview, you can decide whether you would like to welcome the volunteer to your program. You will then send the volunteer an offer. 

Sending an offer = Accepting the application. 

The offer includes all relevant information about the volunteer job. It states the duration, fees & payment details.

In case details change you can always send a new offer, as long as the volunteer has not paid the deposit yet. 

Here is an example: The volunteer needs to change his/her start date. You can click on "Change Offer" in the application overview and insert the new date. You can also adapt the program fees if necessary.

3/4. Receive the deposit

To officially reserve the volunteer spot, the volunteer needs to pay the deposit.

Once the deposit is paid the volunteer needs to pay the final fees. The final payment is not processed by Volunteer World and you can arrange it according to your wishes and your preferred payment method.

Welcome Volunteer

After the deposit is paid you can share all external links and direct contact details such as your email address with the volunteer. This way, you are free to choose your preferred communication method to discuss all necessary details.

Now that everything is official you can arrange accommodation, flight details etc. with the volunteer.

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