Refund Guarantee

Our Refund Guarantee ensures that you get your money back in the event of a cancellation by the organization.

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What happens if the program is canceled by your volunteer organization?

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that the social project has to cancel a volunteer program prior to its start date, as they won’t be able to offer you your stay anymore. In this unfortunate event, Volunteer World offers a refund guarantee to provide double security for the volunteer.

  1. If you have already paid the deposit, you can either use the amount to cover the deposit for a different volunteer program (see Flex Option) or you will get a full refund.

  2. If you have already made the final payment to your volunteer organization, it will be fully refunded as well.

    Please note, that Volunteer World is not able to refund any third party costs that are not included within the service portfolio of Volunteer World or the volunteer organization. This means that costs for flight tickets, insurances, visa fees, etc. won't be subject to the refund guarantee. 

What happens in case of medical emergencies on the part of volunteers?

Unfortunately, in case of medical emergencies, you as a volunteer won't get your deposit back, but you can make use of our Flex Option instead. 

Please note: The refund guarantee is not applicable if the cancellation is initiated by the volunteer, even if the organization only updates the status of the application based on prior communication from the volunteer. This may include personal reasons of the volunteer or the volunteer’s own fault (e.g. violation against the Terms & Conditions, gross negligence, delayed submission of documents, delayed payments) or because the cancellation has been caused by “Force Majeure” (including but not limited to, Acts of God, fire, pandemic, flood, explosion, earthquake, or other natural forces, war, civil unrest, any strike or labor disturbance). However, the Flex Option is most likely available in this event.

Travel Insurance

In any case, we strongly advise all volunteers to get travel insurance before their stay abroad. A travel insurance covers medical emergencies, emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, personal belongings and personal liabilities.

Why you should always apply through Volunteer World?

In addition to the Flex Option, Volunteer World offers you more free benefits and security layers:

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