Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has gravely affected most of us - including countless of help organizations. With indefinite (albeit necessary) travel restrictions and bans to contain the virus, volunteers will not be able to embark on their meaningful adventure abroad. As a consequence, many help organizations are forced to pause their projects.

Learn how to add our "Reopening Badge" to your program page to let our volunteers know when your program will reopen again. The feature will look like this:

👉 How it works:

1. First, click on "Volunteer Programs" in the top menu. Here you can find an overview of your volunteer programs.

2. Click on "Action" --> Pause this Volunteer Program...

  • You can edit your pause by adding some information. Just click on "Edit Pause".

3. Tick the box "Yes" if you would like to pause the program and choose a date to indicate when your project will reopen. The more detailed the information, the better!

❗️ Important: if you just pause your program without adding a reopening date, volunteers will not be able to apply!

4. Click on "Save" and the Reopening Badge will be displayed on your program page!

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