Now that you have registered your organization on Volunteer World, you can get started by adding your social project page. We get it! This is a lot of work, but the following guide will lead you through and help you to create a customer-friendly social project page. 

1. Click on "Add Social Project".

2. Fill in the following information.

Basic Information

  • Social Project Name - Please use the same name as your organisation’s. 

  • Short Description - Describe your project in 1-2 sentences.

  • Long Description - Describe your project in detail.

  • Social Impact - Please explain what kind of impact your project has on the local community, environment, etc. What did you achieve so far?

  • Logo - Insert the logo of your social project. Please use a large logo size, otherwise, it is not possible to upload.

    Please do not write in capital letters only!

Social Project Location, Contact Details, Social Media and Project Video

  • Social Project Location - Please provide an accurate address to your project.

  • Contact Details - Choose a contact person for your dedicated location and add a phone number, Skype ID and the URL of your website if provided.

  • Social Media - Here you can fill in your different social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Project Video - Please enter a valid Youtube URL if available. 

You can edit your social project details anytime.

What's next: Please proceed by clicking on the "Create Social Project" button and learn how to submit a volunteer program.

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