On rare occasion you may receive a booking error when attempting to publish a Walled Garden ad. Here is the list of errors and how to solve them: 

Terms Of Service Not Accepted

This is a Facebook error and requires your action. Please complete the following:

  1. Click on Ads in your dashboard, find the ad that received the error and click to view details.

  2. Once ad details is open, follow this link: Facebook Terms of Service

  3. Select business page that matches the business page you are using for Walled Garden ads. 

  4. Accept Facebook Terms of Service

  5. Return to the ad that received the error and click on "Retry Booking Now". 

IMPORTANT: The business page you select to run the ad for must MATCH the business page you accept the Terms of Service for. 

If the booking error persists after you've following the above steps, please start a chat in order to receive support. 

Failed To Get Lead Gen Forms For Business Page

This is also a Facebook error related to the Facebook Permissions granted when a new account is created using the Facebook Log in and requires your action in order to complete the ad purchase process.

In order for Walled Garden to successfully run an ad on your Business Page, Facebook requires all permissions be granted. For more information and to fix this error, please follow read this article: Facebook Permissions

Only Admins Can Run Ads for Pages

This error appears when you are not an Admin of the Business Page you have selected to run a Facebook ad for.

Check the page roles for your page:

  1. Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left.

  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.

Could Not Geocode Address

This error occurs most often for NEW CONSTRUCTION. This is the result of an address being so "NEW" that it is not yet recognized by mapping software, such as Google, which Facebook relies on to accurately display to your market. Unfortunately, Walled Garden cannot fix this error, and neither can Facebook. Only time will fix this error as the development becomes more established and the new roads and addresses are logged in to global mapping software.

If you've received this geocode error, please chat with us immediately so we can refund your ad purchase.

Requires Business Management Permission

This error is the result of the Facebook Ad permissions granted during log in. We understand you may only want to use ONE business page for Walled Garden purposes. However, Facebook requires that Walled Garden be granted permission for ALL pages in order to successfully publish an ad.

For more information and to fix this error, please follow read this article: Facebook Permissions

Error #200

Unfortunately this error is directly associated with the Facebook business page and is not an error we can help resolve. This error has been known to occur when the business page in questions has previously granted advertising access to another 3rd party advertiser (such as Walled Garden). We've attempted, extensively, to assist users with this error but because it is on the Facebook side, which we cannot control, the best option is to use a different Facebook business page or create a new one. This will not affect your ability to use your old Facebook page as you normally would and will not affect the performance of the ad since our targeting does not include the fans or followers of a business page.


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