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What happens if I edit employee records manually when I have an integration set up?
What happens if I edit employee records manually when I have an integration set up?

How the different fields behave when an integration is live and what happens when manual changes are made to the syncing data

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Which fields are updated automatically, and which fields data can be manually added to when a HRIS integration is active.

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When you have a HRIS integration set up, this automatically syncs your employee data from your HRIS into WeThrive. If you update information in the WeThrive fields that sync automatically between the two systems, this update will be overwritten next time the systems sync.

For example, if you manually update someone's 'Team' in WeThrive but did not update their record in your HRIS, the next sync will overwrite your change and the individual's 'Team' in WeThrive will switch back to match your HRIS record.

More information on which fields will be overwritten are shown below:

WeThrive field

HRIS field

Email address

Email address




Team/Division/Job Family/Role

Dependent on the fields available in your HRIS - Team or Division are used if available.


Work location



Manager (filter)



If this filter is activated in WeThrive.



If this filter is activated in WeThrive.


Reports to

This field determines which managers can access each employee.

Direct reports / Manager

WeThrive will use the manager hierarchy from the HRIS to assign managers access to the right employees.


Employees are either active or inactive.

Employee status

Whether the employee is active, leaving/a leaver or terminated.

Are there any fields I can add data to manually without them being overwritten?

Yes! Whilst many of the fields in WeThrive sync with your HRIS, there are some that do not.

This means you can enter data that will not be overwritten each time the systems sync.

  • Change a user's 'Role' in WeThrive to Employee Bubble.

    • This gives employees their own login.

  • Change a user's 'Role' to Administrator or Executive.

    • This gives user's full visibility, so only their direct reports will be assigned to them when manager assignments are synced.

  • Add employee segments to the Unit filter and re-name.

    • The integration does not map any data into this filter so you can segment your employees in an additional way.

  • Add completely new filters in the Settings area e.g. Generation, Office vs Remote, Manager vs Employee, High Potentials etc.

Note: Any data you add manually to WeThrive will need to be kept up to date by you or another administrator.

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