Range course pacing

The course is set to run for all students using the same end date and activity due dates. Students are expected to move through the course as a cohort, remaining on the same pacing throughout.

You will specify activity due dates for all gradable activities, which will be the same for every student in your course. You still have the ability to modify activity due dates on a student-by-student basis..

Scheduling due dates in a Range course

When a course is designated as Range, you will assign a specific due date to each gradable activity. Gradable activities within an Accelerate Education course may include Assignments, Assessments, Discussions, Custom Activities, Journals, and activities that you have enabled or added as gradable activities.

Using a Google Doc or Google Sheet, create a list of your course’s gradable activities and list the due dates for each one to keep for your records. Additionally, a good practice is to create weekly announcements or an Agenda in Buzz so students know which assignments are due for the week. For more information, review Using course agendas in Accelerate Education courses.

There are two ways to set due dates for gradable activities in your course. Click the links below to go to the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Using the SCHEDULING tab

  2. Using the ACTIVITY LIST

Using the SCHEDULING tab to set due dates for gradable activities:

One way to set due dates for gradable activities is to use the Scheduling tab. Prior to using these steps, make sure you have allowed late submissions for all gradable activities. For more information, review Editing gradable activities in Buzz to “Allow late submissions.”

Scheduling tab


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From your Accelerate Education course card, click Editor.

Click the SCHEDULING tab.

In the left panel, click Module 1 to expand the folder, select a gradable activity, and drag the activity to the desired due date. The activity will then be visible on the calendar.

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Continue dragging gradable items from each module to the desired due dates.

Using the SCHEDULING tab to edit scheduled due dates:

From your Accelerate Education course card, click Editor.

Click the SCHEDULING tab.

From the calendar, select the calendar date where the activity due date needs to be edited or removed.

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You can either drag the activity to the new due date on the calendar or locate the activity in the list below the calendar. To the right of the activity name, click More (three vertical dots).


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From the menu options, click Edit to edit the gradable activity or click Remove due date if the due date is no longer needed.

WARNING: Never select Delete from this menu. This action will permanently delete the assignment from your course.

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Using the ACTIVITY LIST to set due dates for gradable activities in your course:

Access your Accelerate Education course in Buzz.

Click Editor.

From the top menu bar, click ACTIVITY LIST.

Change the Filter by type to Assignment to only view a list of course assignments. Depending on the number of assignments in your course, you may have more than one page of assignments that will need to be edited.

To the far right of the assignment name, click More (three vertical dots) and then click Edit.

From the top menu bar, click SETTINGS.

Under Activity settings, check the box next to Due date and specify the due date and time (11:59 PM).

If not already selected, check the box next to Allow late submissions. This setting permits students to turn in work after the due date.

NOTE: If students enter your course later in the semester, they will not be able to complete the assignment if this setting is unchecked.

Keep the default Late submission rule set to Always allow late submissions.

When finished, click Save at the top right of the page.

Once you have edited all the Assignments on the first page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next page (greater than symbol). Continue setting due dates for the remaining Assignments.

Follow the steps above for the remaining gradable activities in your course (e.g., Assessments, Discussions, Journals).

MODIFYING DUE DATES: You can modify due dates for individual students to account for IEPs, 504 plans, or personal circumstances (e.g., death in the family, extended illness). For more information, review Modifying due dates for a student in an Accelerate Education Range course.

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