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Overview of CodeWP's Project feature

Updated over a week ago

In version 2.5, Projects will be renamed to Sites. All functionality will remain the same.

Projects in CodeWP act as a centralized hub for your work, offering an integrated experience whether you are a WordPress creator working on a personal site, client project, or other creative endeavors. The project feature is a powerful tool that enables a smooth and efficient workflow for your WordPress creations by connecting directly to a website URL. This connection is crucial when using AI-driven plugins and snippets, as it provides the AI with in-depth information about the specific project, ultimately enhancing the AI's understanding and response to your unique needs.

Key Benefits of Using Projects

1. Detailed Descriptions:

  • With Projects, you can add comprehensive descriptions, set clear goals, and assign unique code prefixes to each project. These details not only help to prevent plugin conflicts but also offer valuable context to CodeWP’s AI, facilitating more precise and personalized code and chat generations.

2. Alpha Testing Features:

  • Currently, in the early alpha stage, the project feature allows for a seamless connection to your WordPress website through the CodeWP Helper Plugin. This plugin captures detailed information about your website, including the active plugin codebase, server environment, WordPress version, and PHP version, to provide accurate and specific code suggestions for each project.

3. AI Vision Access:

  • To utilize the AI Vision feature, a connected project is required. Once the project is connected, you can use AI Vision for that specific domain, further empowering the AI to understand and assist with your project needs.

How to Create a Project

  1. Navigate to the ‘Projects’ tab on the CodeWP platform.

  2. Click ‘Create New’.

  3. Fill in the required fields with information about your project, including the URL, description, goals, code prefix, and other relevant details.

  4. If you are in the early alpha stage, install the Helper Plugin on your WordPress site and follow the instructions to connect your project to the platform. This connection enables additional features and insights for your project.

Organization & Context

Projects help organize snippets, packages, and chats related to a specific project, making it easier to locate and manage your work. Additionally, the added descriptions, goals, code prefixes, and notes on each project provide valuable context to CodeWP’s AI for improved suggestions and generations.

Agency Features

Agencies can leverage projects to organize client work efficiently. The Agency Plan offers collaborative features designed to work optimally with projects, supporting multiple team members and facilitating easy sharing and organization.

Using a Project

  • In the Code Editor, select a project from the dropdown in the top right corner.

  • In the Chat Interface, select a project from the dropdown in the top left corner.

Upcoming Features

1. Troubleshoot:

  • CodeWP will introduce a dedicated troubleshooting mode, leveraging projects to offer immediate site troubleshooting assistance. This feature will use a helper plugin to connect directly to your WordPress site, providing the AI with visibility into your site’s configuration, active plugins, codebase, and more.

2. Security:

  • Projects will also play a pivotal role in future security features, where AI will actively monitor and auto-fix security issues on your WordPress sites.

3. Insights:

  • Users can instantly receive answers to complex questions about their site through Chat Mode, such as tracking month-over-month user registration growth.

Note: These features will be opt-in and necessitate the installation of the helper plugin and a connected CodeWP project.


Understanding and effectively using the Projects feature in CodeWP enhances your WordPress creation experience by providing organized workspaces and valuable context for AI-driven tools and suggestions. With exciting upcoming features, the Projects tool is set to become even more integral to your WordPress site development and management tasks.

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