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Sites vs Packages
Sites vs Packages
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CodeWP includes two key features - Projects and Packages - that work together to enhance your WordPress creation workflow. But what's the difference between the two?

Sites (previously named projects)

Sites create a centralized workspace for your WordPress work on a specific site or client project. Key features:

  • Connects directly to a WordPress site URL to provide context to CodeWP's AI.

  • Allows you to add descriptions, goals, code prefixes to organize work.

  • Stores related packages, snippets, chat history for easy access.


Packages allow you to bundle multiple code files together into one downloadable zip file. For example, a plugin with its readme and license files. Key features:

  • Automatically bundles files when generating multi-file code.

  • Manually create packages by adding files.

  • Download packages as zip files.

How They Work Together

Sites help organize the packages, files/snippets and chats related to a particular website. So you may have multiple packages inside a single Site workspace.

The site connection provides context so CodeWP can generate tailored packages for that specific site. Packages then bundle the files for easy distribution and installation.


Sites and Packages work together seamlessly in CodeWP. Sites organize work and provide context, while Packages bundle files for distribution. Using them together results in a streamlined workflow.


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