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How do students create Writable accounts?
How do students create Writable accounts?

Students can follow these steps to create a new Writable account.

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Students can access Writable through their LMS or create accounts linked to Google, Microsoft, or a username and password. Click below to see detailed information about each option.

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Log in with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or Ed

If teachers already use Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology, or HMH Ed, we strongly recommend students log in and create accounts using the LMS to automatically be rostered in their classes and simplify the login process. Click the options below to read more on how students will access Writable:

Create an account with Google or Microsoft

If students have a Google or Microsoft email account they can log in with a single-sign-on option by following the steps below.

2. Click 'I’m a student'.

3. Choose either 'Sign in with Google' or 'Sign in with Microsoft'.

4. When prompted, enter your Google or Microsoft email and password. You may also need to allow permissions for Writable.

Create an account without an email address

If students do not have access to a Google or Microsoft email account, they can follow these steps to create an account with a username and password.

2. Click 'I’m a student'.

3. Click 'Don’t have one of these?' at the bottom of the page to continue.

4. Then, click 'Create one' at the bottom to create a new account.

Note: Students will only click this once to create their account. After creating their account, they will enter their username and password to log in.

5. Enter the class code your teacher provided at the top of the page. If your teacher shared a Join Link this may already be filled in.

6. Then, enter your first name and your last name or initial. We don’t need your full name, but be sure to enter a name that your teacher will recognize as you!

7. Next, create a username and password. Usernames need to be at least 5 characters long. You will see a password strength meter as you enter your password.

Tip! Create a successful password by combining words, including special characters, and making it easy to remember for yourself! Check out this article for more tips.

8. Click 'Continue' to create your account and be taken to your assignments.

❗ Note: Teachers - If you see a student you don’t recognize in your class, you should check with students to see if someone signed up under a different name. You can also remove the student from your class.

If students forget their passwords, click here to learn how teachers can reset them.

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