❗NOTE: Using Google Classroom? Check out these directions to easily import your classes and get students started.
Using Writable with Canvas or Schoology? see: How do I Create a Writable assignment in Canvas? OR How do I create a Writable assignment in Schoology?

Follow these directions to find your class code and share it with your students.

NOTE: Classes imported from Google, Canvas, HMH, or Schoology do not require a code. Students will be imported from your roster automatically.

1. Log into Writable and click 'Classes' in the navigation bar.

2. There will be a code listed next to each class that was created in Writable.

3. Copy the code. You can email the code to your students, or distribute it to students in whatever way works for you!

4. Students should now create an account or go to their existing Writable accounts and enter your class code.

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