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How do I import my Schoology rosters in Writable?
How do I import my Schoology rosters in Writable?

Learn how to import Schoology rosters inside Writable

Updated over a week ago

Note: If your school is not set up to 'Sign in with Schoology', you'll need to create a Writable assignment in Schoology to import your courses by following these directions.

1. Log in to Writable with your Schoology credentials at by clicking 'Sign in with Schoology'.

2. Choose your state, then school/district.

❗ Note: If your school or district is missing from the list, this means your district Schoology adminstrator may still need to provide Writable with your district API key and secret. Your Schoology administrator may also click on 'School not listed?' and follow the instructions provided.

3. Click 'Approve'. This allows Writable to connect your Schoology and Writable accounts.

❗ Note: You may be redirected to vr district Schoology or portal login.

4. Go to the 'Classes' page in Writable and click 'Import Schoology Classes'.

5. Select the Schoology course(s) that you would like to import, and click 'Import'.

Tip! If you have many Schoology courses, this screen may take several seconds. Please email us at if this screen fails to load your courses.

Tip! Students can log in with the 'Sign in with Schoology' option at or teachers can share these directions with students to guide them through finding their Writable assignments in Schoology.

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