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How do I add a Writable graphic organizer to an assignment?
How do I add a Writable graphic organizer to an assignment?

Support writers in their planning by adding a graphic organizer.

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Teachers can choose from Writable's organizer library or embed a Google Doc as a graphic organizer to support students. For directions on adding a Google Doc organizer, click here.

Adding a Writable Graphic Organizer

Choose from a variety of pre-made graphic organizers by following these steps.

1. From 'My Assignments', click the assignment you'd like to edit.

2. Click 'Edit'.

3. Scroll to the tabbed sections and click the blue + icon next to the section tabs.

4. Enter the title for your Graphic Organizer section and select the 'Multi Reponse' option. Then, click 'Add Section'.

5. Click 'Browse Organizers.'

6. Scroll through the Writable organizers. Click 'Select' to add the organizer to the assignment. The next step will ask you to add a title to your new section.

Tip! Scroll through the prompts at the top of the screen to add an organizer to a specific prompt. This is especially helpful when creating differentiated prompts.

7. Click 'Finish' to see the graphic organizer in your assignment.


  • Check the 'Submit to Readings' option to allow students to see their completed organizer side-by-side with the other sections of the assignment.

  • You can follow these steps to edit how much the graphic organizer impacts the overall assignment score.

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