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How do I find an existing rubric?

Find and use an existing rubric in your assignment, or edit it to suit your needs.

Updated over a week ago

Once you are in the Rubric Explorer, follow these tips to search for the perfect pre-made rubric or to find a rubric to customize.

Tip: Select your state in your Account Details to find state specific rubrics in the rubric explorer.

1. Use the drop-down menus to choose your grade level and narrow down rubrics based on genre and scale. You can also view rubric items in English or Spanish. Use the filter to find available GradeAssist rubrics.

2. Click the rubric title to expand and view each rubric item and other details.

❗ Note: Individual rubric items can be edited once you’ve copied the rubric using these steps.

3. Copy the rubric by clicking the 'Copy' icon in the bottom right corner.

4. To use the rubric as-is click 'Done.' If you'd like to customize the individual rubric items, click here for more information.

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