You can create “Grading Jobs” in Writable that allow you to randomly distribute student writing to a group of teachers you select. This can be useful when grading assessments, so submissions are randomly and evenly distributed. It's also helpful when calibrating teacher grading, allowing you to see if any teachers are giving higher or lower grades compared to other teachers in the group.

To get started:

1. Assign students an assessment as usual. (See How do I assign something to my class?)

2. Click “Team Grade” in the menu bar at the top of your account.


2. The “Team Grade” screen will show some sample results. Please read this before you move on. It will help you understand what data you’ll eventually be able to see!

3. When you're ready, click the “New Grading Job” button.


4. Click on the first drop-down menu and select the grade level you'd like to be graded.


5. Click on the second drop-down menu and select the specific assignment you'd like to be graded.


6. Next, you'll see a list of the classes that fit those criteria. Check the box next to the specific classes that you would like to be graded. If you only see one class, that means that only one class is in the grade level you selected and working on the specific assignment you indicated previously. Next, cick “Create Job”.


7. If you'd like anonymous grading, i.e. teachers won't see the student's names on each submission, check the box next to "Anonymous".


8. Next, click “Add Grader”.


9. Enter the email of the teacher you'd like to add as a grader or check the box next to the names of the teachers who are already connected to you. (Note for administrators: If you’re not actually going to grade papers yourself, do not select your name in the grading list! You’ll still be able to see the data.)


10. When you're ready, click “Add __ Graders”.

11. Each grader will then show up in your “Grading Job” screen. If you yourself are grading, the “Grade Now” button will be active and you can click on it to start grading.


Note: If you need to remove a grader from the group, or if one teacher has to stop grading for whatever reason and you'd like to redistribute the remaining submissions, click the blue circle with a check mark in their tile. You'll then have the option to "Freeze Grader" or "Remove from Job".


12. As grading is completed, the dashboard under “Grader Calibration” will fill with information about how teachers are grading in comparison to each other. You can select a teacher from the drop-down menu to compare their grading to the rest of the group’s.


13. Under “Exemplar Papers”, you'll see samples of student writing that have been graded as “High”, “Medium”, or “Low”.


14. Click “View Graded Exemplar” to see who graded it and how the assignment was scored.

15. Click the pin icon to pin the exemplar to the top of the list, otherwise, it will move to the bottom as more papers are graded “low”.

Assigned Graders

Any teachers who have been assigned a batch of grading by a colleague will get an alert in the green bar at the top of their account.


The teacher should click on the alert and they'll be taken to the grading job, where they can see the title of the assignment as well as who assigned the job. They can click “Grade Now” to begin grading.


All teachers who grade have access to the dashboard that lets them know how they are doing in comparison to the rest of the group. They also have access to the “Exemplar Papers” lists.

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