Using the Team Grade feature, Administrators can create a grading job with sample writing to walk educators through the grading and feedback process as a group. Teachers will grade the same writing submission and have the opportunity to try all of Writable's robust feedback options.

Check out this video for a tutorial on using, completing, and monitoring a Team Grade!

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Assign and Submit Sample Writing

1. First, you'll need to create an assignment for teachers to grade. Copy an assignment using these directions.

Tip! Edit the assignment name to include "Team Grade" to more easily find it when

creating your Grading Job.

2. Then, assign it to yourself using the 'Assign to Me' class option. For more detailed instructions click here.

3. Once you have assigned to the 'Assign to Me' class, click the student icon to enter the assignment as a student.

4. You will need to submit the assignment as a student to have a sample submission to grade. Click on the 'Read & Write' area of the student dashboard to write and submit.

5. Once you have submitted the sample writing submission for the assignment, click 'Act as Teacher' to return to the teacher dashboard and set up your Team Grading Job.

Create the Team Grading Job

1. Click 'Team Grade' in the menu bar at the top of your account.

2. Click 'New Grading Job'.

3. Click on the first drop-down menu and select the grade level of the sample assignment. Then click the second drop-down menu to select the specific assignment.

4. Check the box next to "This job is being used for professional development training." This will ensure that every grader is given each paper to grade.

5. Make sure the 'Assign to Me' class is checked, and then click 'Create Job.'

Share the Team Grade Join Link

1. Click 'Add Grader'.

2. Use the 'Copy' button to copy the join link for the grading job. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

3. Paste the link in an email or in training documents. Teachers will click the link to join the grading job and grade the assignment.

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