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How do I complete a Team Grading Job?
How do I complete a Team Grading Job?

Follow these steps to complete a grading job that has been assigned to you.

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Follow these directions to complete a team grading job:

1. If you have been assigned a batch of grading by a colleague or administrator, you will see an alert in your notifications.

2. Click 'Team Grade' at the top of your Writable screen to view your Grading Jobs. You will see how many writing submissions you have been assigned to grade.

3. Click 'Grade Now' to begin grading the writing submissions.

4. Click 'Grader Calibration' to view how your scoring compares to other graders. Click 'Exemplar Papers' to see writing submissions by how they were scored. You can also click 'View Graded Exemplars' to see the submission and scoring in its entirety.

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