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How do I set up and manage a Team Grading job?
How do I set up and manage a Team Grading job?

Use Team Grade to have multiple teachers grade an assignment and calibrate grading.

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Writable Administrators can create a 'Grading Job' in Writable that randomly distributes student writing to a group of teachers you select.
This can be useful when grading assessments, as submissions are randomly and evenly distributed. Team Grade is also helpful to calibrate teacher grading; it allows you to see if teachers are giving higher or lower grades compared to other teachers.

Note! If you would like to include multiple teachers' classes, an administrator must create the Grading Job.

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Create a New Team Grading Job

Before creating a Team Grading Job, assign students an assignment as you usually would. For more help with assigning, click here.

1. Click 'Team Grade' in the menu bar at the top of your account.

Note: You will see any previous Grading Jobs you've created or joined.

2. Click 'New Grading Job' to create a new opportunity for team grading.

3. Click on the first drop-down menu and select the grade level you'd like to include. Then click the second drop-down menu to select the specific assignment.

4. Next, you'll see a list of the classes within this grade level who have been assigned the assignment. Check the box next to any class that you would like to be included in the team grading job.


  • Only classes who have been assigned this assignment and are in the grade levels selected will be shown. You can use the grade level bands, like "Middle School", to broaden the net.

  • Teachers creating a Team Grade can only add their own classes to the Grading Job

5. Once you've selected the classes to include, click 'Create Job'.

Add and Manage Graders

1. Click 'Add Grader'.

2. There are three options to add graders to your grading job.

  • Option 1: Enter email address

    • Add your colleague by entering their email address in the field

  • Option 2: Copy and share link

    • Copy the join link by clicking the 'Copy' button, then sharing with your colleagues

  • Option 3: Choose from list

    • Check the box next to other teachers you're connected to. You will see any co-teachers and other teachers from your school in this list.

Note for Administrators: If you’re not actually going to grade papers yourself, do not check the box by your name! You’ll still be able to see the data.)

3. Then, click 'Add Graders'.

4. Each grader will show in your Team Grading Job.

5. Click the blue checkmark on a grader to see the options to 'Freeze Grader' to pause a grader from receiving submissions or 'Remove From Job' to remove a grader completely. Writing submissions will be redistributed to the remaining graders.

Manage your Team Grading Job

1. You can choose additional options for your team grading job.

  • Anonymous Grading: Checking this box will hide students' names while grading.

  • Prefer Own Teacher: Checking this box will distribute student writing submissions with a preference for students to be graded by their own teacher.

2. You can see how many papers each grader has to grade below their name.

3. Click 'Grader Calibration' to see how graders compare with one another.

4. Use the drop-down of graders' names to cycle through each grader's results. You will see if a grader has a trend of grading submissions higher or lower compared to others.

4. To help you calibrate grading, click 'Exemplar Papers'. Choose to see High, Medium, or Low scored submissions. You can click 'View Graded Exemplar' to see the full writing submission and score details.

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