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How do students write and submit? 🎥
How do students write and submit? 🎥

Steps for students to access their assignment and begin writing

Updated this week

Students can work on multiple assignments at a time. To begin writing, students first need to log in to their accounts.

Our team is working to update our resources and videos following new program releases. We appreciate your patience!

Follow these steps to write and submit an assignment

  1. If accessing Writable through Canvas, Schoology, or Classroom, you will be taken directly to the assignment. Otherwise, click on the assignment to open it.

  2. The assignment dashboard will open up. Be sure to read the directions from your teacher. Then, click the 'Read & Write' tab.

  3. Now you will be able to view your prompt, rubric, and reading (if applicable). If your assignment includes a reading, click 'Check & Submit' on the right of the screen to expand the rubric. Click 'Back to Reading' on the left to expand the reading again.


    • You should always read the prompt fully and review the rubric before you begin writing. This will help make sure you meet the expectations set by your teacher!

    • Want to highlight and add notes to your reading? Check out this article.

  4. When you are ready, click within the text box and begin writing. You can use the toolbar in the text box to format your response and add images or videos. Your writing will save automatically.

    Using an embedded Google Doc? If your teacher chose a Google Doc for the assignment, you will see the Google Doc in place of the text box. You can use the tools within Google Docs to format your response. Click here for more information.

  5. Once you've finished your writing, review the rubric items to make sure you've met the requirements of the assignment. Then click 'Submit' to submit your writing for feedback.

    Note: If your assignment included a reading, you'll need to click 'Check & Submit' to expand the rubric and submit.

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