Students can work on multiple assignments at a time. To Begin writing, students first need to log in to their account on

NOTE: If students are using Google Classroom or an LMS like Schoology or Canvas, they will enter the Writable assignment from those sites.

1. If students are in multiple classes or are working on different assignments at one time, they will see them all listed here. They just need to find the correct assignment and click on the tile.

2. Students will be on their dashboard for that assignment and class. They should then click anywhere in the 'Read & Write'.

3. Next, students will choose the prompt they want to respond to and click 'Start Writing'. If they only have one option, then they'll go straight to the writing page.

4. Students should now click in the text box and begin writing. if you've attached an embedded Google Doc, student writing will seamlessly be created as a Google Doc.

5. Students' writing is automatically saved as they write. Once they've finished writing and have reviewed the submission checklist, they are ready to 'submit' their assignment.

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