Once the Originality Check feature has been enabled for your account, you can use the following steps to evaluate student writing:

1. First, make sure you've enabled Originality Check for your class. At this time, you need to enable it for your class in order to run an Originality Check on work submitted by students.

2. Navigate to your Dashboard from 'My Assignments' by clicking the assignment and selecting the class you'd like to check on.

3. Click 'Grade Submissions' on your dashboard if you’d like to go through all submitted work...

Or scroll down and find your student roster to click the 'Last graded (Last submission)...' link to the right of the student's name to view their assignment details.

4. From the Review page, click 'Originality Check' above the student's writing.

5. Your Originality Check report will highlight any parts of the student’s writing that could be plagiarized from a source. It will also generate a percentage for overall similarity and will list the any source that was likely used.

6. To zoom in or out, or print the Originality Check report for your records, use the tools in the bottom left corner.

NOTE: We do not scan Turnitin's larger database or higher ed databases. After all, most educators tell us that cheating in K-12 classrooms does not commonly come from higher-ed sources!

Originality Check is currently available for middle school and high school teachers. All teachers and students who use it will need to accept Turnitin's End-User License Agreement (read it here). If you don’t see the 'Originality Check' button as you grade student work, you may need to have it turned on for your account. To check if your account qualifies, please contact sales@writable.com or your Writable sales rep.

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