In this article, you'll learn more about tracking student growth over time using the 'Report' page.

'Report' can be used by teachers for their own students, or it can be used by administrators, such as Coaches or School Leaders, to monitor writing growth across a larger population of students. Administrators can choose to build a Proficiency & Recommendation Report or a Growth Report. Read on to learn more about both reports and their recommended usage.

Proficiency & Recommendation Reports provide an at-a-glance view of a class' proficiency in reading and in 3 key writing modes- Argumentative, Informational, and Narrative. With the Proficiency & Recommendation Report, teachers and administrators can:

  • Use proficiency data to form differentiated writing groups

  • Access data-informed assignment recommendations that build skill mastery

Growth Reports make benchmarking and progress monitoring easy by comparing interim assessment data side-by-side. With the Growth Report, teachers and administrators can:

  • Plan instruction and monitor growth with class-level or student-level data views

  • Access results by overall assignment, category, skills, or standard to form a more complete picture of student's knowledge, growth, and skills gaps

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