How do I edit an existing rubric item?

Learn how to change wording, proficiency labels, scoring, and more.

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We recommend saving time by starting with an existing rubric item in Writable and editing it to suit your needs. You can edit rubric items from My Rubrics or while editing an assignment.

Follow these steps to edit the rubric item(s):

  1. To edit a specific rubric item, click on the rubric item. You can also click 'Add Rubric Item' to copy and edit a new rubric item.

2. Edit the 'Writer' text, which is what students will see while drafting and revising.

Note: If you edit the text for the Writer item, don't forget to edit the text for the Reviewer item.

3. To add a new proficiency label, click on the "Add proficiency" box. To remove a proficiency label, click the blue ‘X’ next to the rating.

4. Change the percentage associated with any proficiency label by clicking the number to the left of it. Then increase it or decrease it as needed. Percentage values can be adjusted even after students have submitted their assignments.

Note! In order to customize proficiency level percentages you much uncheck the 'Use default scoring' box in the rubric item details.

5. Add or adjust comment stems. Stems help reviewers craft actionable feedback for writers. These are especially helpful for students reviewing their peers. You can edit these, leave them as is, delete them using the 'X' icons, or click "Add Stem" to add your own.

6. The settings at the bottom of the edit screen will let you change the reporting details of the rubric item, including the grade level(s), genre, and skill(s) covered by the item. You can also add a Category for the rubric item for reporting purposes.

FYI: Standards will automatically be applied based on selected skill(s) and cannot be edited directly.

7. Click 'Copy to My Rubric Items' button to save this customized rubric item for future use. If you do not see this option, the rubric item has already been saved for you.

8. When you're done editing a rubric item, click the blue 'Done' button in the lower right corner to save your changes and return to the previous screen.

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