How do I build a rubric from scratch?

Follow these steps to create your own rubric from scratch.

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We recommend starting with an existing rubric and customizing it to save you time, but if you'd like to build your own rubric from scratch follow these directions.

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Starting From 'My Rubrics'

The 'My Rubrics' tab on the My Assignment page allows you to create, edit, and manage rubrics separately from an assignment.

Click 'My Assignments' at the top of the page and then click the 'My Rubrics' tab, as highlighted below. You can create a new rubric by clicking the '+ Rubric' link in the top right corner and then jump to these steps.

Note: If you'd like to edit an existing rubric click the blue pencil icon and follow these steps.

Starting from an Existing Assignment

Follow these steps if you've already created an assignment.

❗ Note: Follow these steps to build a rubric for a Single Response Section in an assignment. If you'd like to edit an entry or a rubric item in a Multi Response Section, click here.

1. Click 'My Assignments' and click on the assignment you would like to edit. Click the 'Edit' button to adjust assignment settings and rubrics.

2. On the Assignment page, click the section you'd like to edit. Then scroll to the bottom of the Rubric and click 'Explore Rubrics'.

3. Click 'Create Rubric' to start building your custom rubric. You can also use the filters to choose a pre-made rubric to customize and save you time.

Building a Rubric

1. Add a title for the rubric, and add or customize student-facing instructions at the top of the rubric.

2. Click '+ Add Rubric Item' to add a new item. Click here for more step-by-step guidance on finding and editing rubric items.

3. Once you have added your rubric items, you can re-order them using the arrows on the right. If you would like to remove an item from the rubric completely, click the blue 'X' next to the item.

4. Click 'Done' to save your customized rubric.

❗ Note: Administrators can also check the box next to 'Share with Everyone in My District' to share the custom rubric with teachers on their district license.

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