In this article, you'll learn how to view GrammarAid scores on the assignment dashboard and see specific GrammarAid suggestions on student writing. Monitoring GrammarAid scores and suggestions can help you see how students are responding to the support.

1. From the 'My Assignments' page, click on the assignment you'd like to view.

2. Then, click the class.

3. On the assignment dashboard scroll down to see your student list. Here you will see a quick summary of the student's completion and scores. You can view the GrammarAid score. To view details and specific suggestions from GrammarAid click anywhere in the student area.

4. In the detailed view, you'll see the revisions GrammarAid suggested for the student on their most recently submitted writing. You can hover over an underlined word or phrase to see what was suggested. For more details on how students will use GrammarAid, click here.

Tip! You can turn GrammarAid on and off for the individual student using the 'Student Supports' toggle at the bottom of the screen. Learn more about AI-powered student supports here.

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