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How do I monitor GrammarAid scores and suggestions?
How do I monitor GrammarAid scores and suggestions?

View GrammarAid scores and suggestions from the dashboard.

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In this article, you'll learn how to view GrammarAid scores on the assignment dashboard and see specific GrammarAid suggestions on student writing. Monitoring GrammarAid scores and suggestions can help you see how students are responding to the support.

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View from the Dashboard

1. From the 'My Assignments' page, click on the assignment you'd like to view.

2. Then, click the class.

3. From the 'Guide/Grade' view, hover over the 'GrammarAid' link to see a breakdown of the student's scores in Style, Grammar, and Spelling.

Tip! Click the 'GrammarAid' link to open and disable or enable AI supports for the individual student.

View while Grading

Follow these steps to view GrammarAid feedback and suggestions while grading your students' writing submissions.

1. Navigate to the grading view for your students' writing using these directions.

2. Click the 'My Annotations' dropdown in the top right corner, above the writing. Then click on 'GrammarAid'.

3. You will see GrammarAid suggestions underlined in the writing.

  • Red underlined text indicates a spelling error.

  • Blue underlined text indicates a grammar error or suggestion.

  • Yellow underlined text indicates a style suggestion. Style suggestions do not count against a student's GrammarAid percentage.

4. Hover over each suggestion to expand it and read more.

5. You can use GrammarAid suggestions to guide your students by clicking 'Chat with Student' in the bottom right corner to send your student a personalized Instant Conferencing message. Students will see these messages immediately and can respond in a discussion.

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