Teachers can experience Writable from the student perspective using the 'Act as Student' feature. Be sure to check out the 'Assign to me' option for modeling specific assignments from the students' view.

Click here to download "A Guided Tour of the 'Assign to Me' Feature"

Looking to introduce Writable to other educators? Check out these steps to guide your colleagues through an example assignment.

1. Visit app.writable.com and click 'I'm a teacher'.

2. Choose your preferred sign-in option.

3. Click the profile icon in the top right corner.

4. Click 'Act as Student' to enter the student experience.

5. If you used the 'Assign to me' option for your assignments, you'll be able to access and complete those assignments when acting as a student.

Optional: If you are exploring Writable with a colleague or in a training session, click 'Join a class' and enter the class code shared by your trainer or colleague.

6. When you are finished exploring as a student, click the 'Act as Teacher' link in the top right corner to return to your teacher account.

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