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How do I create a Writable assignment inside a Canvas Module?
How do I create a Writable assignment inside a Canvas Module?

Create your Writable assignment from within a Canvas Module

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To create a Writable assignment within a Canvas Module, you’ll first need to create an assignment in Canvas that connects to your Writable assignment.

NOTE: It's helpful to browse and choose an assignment from 'Explore' and copy to 'My Assignments' before following these steps.

  1. If you haven't already, create and add a module within your Canvas course.

  2. Click the '+' sign to add the assignment to the module.

  3. Select 'Assignment' from drop down and then click on 'Create Assignment' from the assignment options. Give the assignment a title and click 'Add Item' to add assignment to the module.

  4. Click on the newly created assignment from inside the module.

  5. Click the 'Edit' icon.

  6. Fill out the assignment details as usual for Canvas. When you get to Submission Type, please choose ‘External Tool.’ Click ‘Find’ to find Writable.

  7. Click Writable from the list.

    Note: If Writable does not appear in this list, please have your Canvas admin follow these steps to setup Writable in Canvas.

  8. You will now see the ‘My Assignments’ screen from Writable (in a small window). Select the assignment you'd like to use or click 'Explore Assignments' to find an assignment in the Writable or My District collections.

  9. Choose your Writable assignment settings, as usual, then click ‘Select Assignment.’

  10. Click ‘Select’ to complete the link between the Writable assignment to the Canvas assignment.

  11. Click 'Load This Tool in a New Tab' to allow the Writable assignment go "full screen" for students. Then select the remaining Canvas settings, such as assignment due date, and click 'Save and Publish.'

  12. You will now see the assignment inside the Canvas module.

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