What's Next? Leveraging Reports

Support teachers using reports to guide student writing and next steps in instruction.

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Understand Reporting Options in Writable

Recognize teachers' hard work and efforts at this stage of Writable use! Teachers have created an account, prepped an assignment, assigned it to a class, and provided feedback. Every type of feedback in Writable provides actionable data. Because all rubrics are tagged by category, skill, and standard, as feedback is given or reported by our AI tools, insight into student writing growth becomes available in three locations: The Assignment Dashboard, The Growth Report, and The Proficiency & Recommendation Report. Teachers should be encouraged to access reporting options in Writable.

Why Reviewing Reports with Student Writing Data Matters

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP! Have you ever heard this term used in education? It stands for data-rich and information-poor, a common challenge facing teachers. They are inundated by data while struggling to find helpful information to guide decision-making that will increase student learning and guide effective instructional practices. Once teachers have graded in Writable, they can easily configure reports to make informed decisions relative to instructional outcomes, student groupings and take actionable next steps leading to student success.

Considerations for Your District or School

Once data is being explored district, school, or grade level-wide, teachers and school leaders may discover questions like "Do my teachers score the same rubric consistently? Or "Of the standards that are being assessed, have they been identified and understood by the teachers scoring the writing?" And, "Have the teachers agreed on how the rubric applies to particular examples of student work?" Finding ways to create consistency and alignment with rubric scoring and its use is a natural next step. Team Grade is a helpful feature in Writable that analyzes the scoring patterns of teachers, making it easy to calibrate grading across a team, school, or district. To learn how to create a Team Grading job, click here.

  • Read our implementation guide to learn more about ways to use Writable in your district/school.

  • Schedule a meeting with a member of Writable's Customer Success Team to answer additional questions you may have.

  • Provide a PD session on data and reporting for teachers or school leaders, schedule a consultation with our team to discuss.

  • Remember to visit The Writable Help Center, where you can access helpful information as a school or district leader.

Sample Communication

Below is a sample email that you can customize and share with teachers as a reminder to use the reporting options in Writable. Tip! Every report in Writable is simple to export to PDF, CSV, or Google Drive.

Dear XXX,

I hope you have found the time you've been putting in when using Writable has paid off. Acknowledge your efforts and your student's hard work by using the reporting features in Writable. The Proficiency Report allows you to easily and quickly understand student performance levels, get assignment recommendations for students below standards, and extend the learning for students proficient and above. Review these resources to learn more about reporting and monitoring writing growth.


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