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How do I use the Guide/Grade tab on the Assignment Dashboard?
How do I use the Guide/Grade tab on the Assignment Dashboard?

Use the Guide/Grade view in an Assignment Dashboard to check student progress, grade by question, and send instant messages to students.

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The Guide/Grade tab allows you to view student submissions and grade them quickly by question. Follow these steps to navigate to the Assignment Dashboard.

1. At the top of the Guide/Grade view, first use the dropdown to select which section of your assignment to view and grade. If your assignment has only one section you will not see a dropdown option.

2. Next, cycle through to grade by question. Multiple Choice will be automatically scored, while short response and extended response questions require you to give the student a score. If you have unscored submissions you will see a red number letting you know.
Tip! Click the >> icon to skip ahead to questions with unscored submissions.

3. While scoring a Short Response question you will see an answer key (if provided) at the top of the page.

4. If a student has not yet submitted, you will see their writing without an option to score. Submitted writing will show the rubric item and scoring options. Students who have not yet started on the question will show as blank.

5. Once you have scored submissions, click 'Submit Completed Reviews' in the top right corner.

6. If you have an Extended Response section in your assignment, student submissions will be graded by clicking the 'Review this submission' link at the bottom right of the student's writing. This will take you to the grading view where you can score each rubric item, leave comments on the student's writing and rubric, and leave audio or video feedback. Click here to learn more about grading with a full rubric.

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