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How do I use the AI-Assisted Assignment Wizard?
How do I use the AI-Assisted Assignment Wizard?

Writable's AI-Assistant builds your next custom assignment with multiple-choice questions, short response, extended responses, and skills.

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Need a hand with creating your next assignment? The AI Assisted Assignment Wizard helps teachers draft assignment outlines to include multiple choice questions, short responses, and extended responses. Drafted questions will also be tied to a writing skill to help with data tracking.

1. Log into your Writable account and click 'Create' at the top of the page.

2. Click 'AI Assisted Assignment'.

3. Enter the topic and/or type of writing in the text box and choose a genre. The genre will guide the rubric and skill selections.

Tip! Having students write about a specific text? Be sure to include the title of the text in quotations for the best results. (i.e. "Call of the Wild" character analysis)

4. Specify how many of each question type you want to include.

  • Multiple Choice Questions

    • Auto-graded questions where students choose from a selection of answer choices.

  • Short Response Questions

    • Open-ended questions that require students to type their responses.

  • Extended Response Questions

    • Essay-style writing prompts that ask students to respond in long form. These questions will be scored using a full rubric.

5. Click 'Next'.

Tip! You can navigate away from this page while your assignment is drafted. Click 'Notify Me When It's Ready" to receive a Writable notification once your assignment is created.

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6. In the Assignment Outline you can make adjustments to the title, prompt, questions, answers, and linked skills. Here are a few common editing options:

  1. Add a Reading - Check the box to add a reading after creating your assignment.

  2. Edit Text - Adjust any wording in the title, prompt, or questions and answers.

  3. Change Skill Tracking - Use the dropdown to choose a different skill.

  4. Delete Questions - Click the trash can next to a question to remove it from the outline.

  5. Add Questions or Context - Click the wrench icon to provide the AI with additional guidance and create a revised outline. You can add new questions or background information to the prompt.

Note: You can make additional edits after creating your assignment. Click here to learn more about advanced assignment editing.

7. Click 'Create Assignment' to finalize your assignment.

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