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How do I turn off/on AI GradeAssist for assignments?
How do I turn off/on AI GradeAssist for assignments?

Choose if you'd like to enable or disable AI draft scoring and comments for a specific assignment.

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Teachers can choose to disable or enable AI feedback on a particular assignment using the following directions. It is recommended to disable AI feedback prior to assigning to your students.

1. In your Writable account, click on the assignment.

2. From the Manage Assignment page, click 'Edit'.

3. Then click 'More' to open additional settings.

4. Uncheck the box for "Automatically apply suggested scores and comments when grading.

Note: GradeAssist scores and comments will still be available for your assignment. However, they will not display automatically. In this case, if you want to view AI suggestions, you can request AI suggested scores and comments for each rubric item on each submission.

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