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How to insert a YouTube movie
How to insert a YouTube movie
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1. Go to the video on YouTube you want inserted. We need to get the ID of the video. Copy the URL. You can copy it all, or just the last part after v=

Remember to make sure you have the rights to use this movie.
Possibly write to the owner of the channel.

2. Open the YouTube dialog by clicking the Add New button under the YouTube section

3. Paste (control key + V, or right mouse + "Insert") the link into the Youtube video ID field

5. Click the Check movie button, which can verify whether the link works correctly. If the link is OK, XpressU shows a picture (Thumb) of the video.

You have to accept the YouTube terms of condition. You can read them by clicking the YouTube terms hyperlink. Click the Check box for accepting them

Finally, click on Insert youtube button, and the movie will appear in your Library under YouTube

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